Transparent, accountable fundraising dApp built on the EOS blockchain

What is GiveyNation

GiveyNation is a community fundraising dApp (Decentralized Application) in development that will run on the EOS blockchain, the application aims to solve issues with transparency and trust in the charity sector, we believe that donors should be able to see exactly where their money goes and the social impact it has made.



We believe that the whole not-for-profit, charity and general peer-to-peer fundraising sector is broken, a lot of this is due to over-regulation, middlemen and high fees. We want to create an autonomous community where people can be connected with causes without restriction heavy fees and with total transparency - the traditional charity fundraising market is dominated by large charities with huge overheads and a lack of accountability to their donors, we are going to change this!


About / Team

We are the founding team behind the online fundraising platform, - we already have a wealth of experience in the sector and building a EOS dApp is the next iteration of this and we believe the only way to go in the future.


How It Works

In the charity sector as it exists today you have regulatory bodies which decide on what qualifies as a charitable cause, created barriers to entry and supposedly instills trust in the community - we want to build a community of people connected via the GiveyNation dApp. Donors will be able to see exactly where their money is going through the power of smart contracts, this technology will also act as protection against fraudulent projects and bad actors. This is an incentive for the charity or charitable cause to honor their promises.

Token Distribution

We will airdropping GiveyNation tokens 1:1 to EOS token holders, the chart below outlines the total token supply of 1,800,000,000

EOS Token Holders


1:1 Airdrop to EOS token holders

Launch Team


Advisors, development team, legal

GiveyNation Commnutiy


Tokens to be earned by GiveyNation Community Network

Givey Ltd.


EOS Network Usage


Used according to scale and requirements as the dApp is developed

Reserve Capital


Future airdrops, strategic partnerships, innovation fund and marketing

Project Roadmap


Our Team

Neil Mehta
James Stanway
John Savage
Community Development Lead
Angie Lopez
Global Partnerships
Tech Advisor